Four Faves: Planner Ideas

I love the idea combining a planner as a journal and to actively pursue and evaluate goals. I recently got the Passion Planner, but after hearing about the Bullet Journal system, I might switch to that eventually. Now, for the love of planning!

#1. Planner Key
A majority of these are from the Bullet Journal‘s organizational system, to turn any plain or gridded notebook into an effective planner. You could add more shorthands for inspiration, color codes, etc.
[Edit: checkout my Four Faves: Bullet Journals post for more info!]


#2. Visualizing Goals
Drawing out daily or weekly happenings sounds awesome for an art journal, but I like this idea for drawing out monthly or yearly goals!


#3. this Week in Texts
Love this idea to write in some fun or random texts from the week!


#4. Monthly Doodle
Another way to add more doodling and art into the planner is simply doodling with the month page. Perfect for a bullet journal too!



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